Why join the NSEE?

NSEE is nationally recognized for:

Serving members and an extended network of non-members who are professors, teachers, principals, deans, directors of service-learning programs, professionals in career development and youth employment, counselors, directors of internships and cooperative education programs, school-to-work coordinators, superintendents, college presidents, researchers, and policymakers.

Taking leadership in developing and disseminating principles of good practice and innovations in experienced-based learning.

  • Providing a forum for discussion of state of the art ideas, practices, and innovations at the National Conference and Regional Workshops. 
  • Keeping practitioners up-to-date through NSEE newsletters and publications. 
  • Informing educators about critical issues, program models and practices, theory, and research through books and resource papers on experiential education. 
  • Assisting with a variety of needs in starting or strengthening experience-based learning programs through consulting services provided by a trained network of NSEE members. 
  • Providing information and referrals about research, theory, and high quality programs through NSEE's National Resource Center for Experiential and Service Learning. 

Collaborating with other national, regional, and local organizations to strengthen and advance experiential education.