Combining Service and Learning: A Resource Book for Community 
and Public Service (3 volumes)
edited by Jane Kendall

Published by NSEE with 93 other national and regional organizations. For faculty, administrators, policymakers, and students in colleges, universities, and K-12 schools; leaders in government, community or corporate settings; lawmakers; foundations; and others interested in community and public service, youth service, volunteerism, leadership, civic awareness, or cross-cultural learning.

Volume I.   Buy Now!

Principles of good practice; rationales; theories; research; public policy and institutional issues plus strategies for gaining support; education for civic and social responsibility, cross-cultural awareness, and intellectual, moral, ethical, career and leadership development. 693 pp., ISBN 0-536-01239-3

Volume II.  Buy Now!

Practical issues and ideas for programs and courses--integration into the curriculum, recruitment, orientation, supervision, evaluation, school/community relations, legal issues, monitoring and assessing both service and learning outcomes. 528 pp., ISBN 0-536-01240-7

Volume III.  Buy Now!

An annotated bibliography of the literature of the past three decades.
Edited by Janet Luce with Jennifer Anderson, Jane Permaul, Rob Shumer, Timothy Stanton, and Sally Migliore. 81 pp., ISBN 0-536-01241-5

Critical Issues in K-12 Service-Learning: Case Studies and Reflections    Buy Now!
edited by Gita Gulati-Partee and William R. Finger

Through a survey to NSEE's network of K-12 service-learning educators, the most pressing issues in service-learning have been identified: community partnerships, institutional support, program coordination, curriculum integration, faculty involvement, student involvement, and personal renewal. Each chapter of the book concentrates on one of these issues through a series of case studies. The volume, written by K-12 educators experienced in service-learning, includes practical and transferable principles which can be used by other educators interested in program improvement and long-term success. 243 pp., ISBN 0-536-01238-5

The Internship as Partnership: A Handbook for Businesses, Nonprofits, 
and Government Agencies    Buy Now!
by Robert Inkster and Roseanna Ross

The second book in the three-part series, The Internship as Partnership is based on the belief that internships are a three-way partnership between the school or college, the student, and the host organization. The Internship as Partnership has been written especially for businesses or nonprofits considering starting an internship program or currently offering internships. ISBN 0-536-01139-7

The Internship as Partnership: A Handbook for Campus-Based Coordinators 
and Advisors    Buy Now!
by Robert Inkster and Roseanna Ross

Covers the fundamentals of designing, monitoring, and evaluating internship programs, as well as an exploration of the theory and rationale of internships as effective educational practice. Includes sample forms from campus-based programs. 127 pp., ISBN 0-536-01236-9

The Role of Service-Learning In Education Reform    Buy Now! 
by Robert Bhaerman, Karin Cordell, and Barbara Gomez

Service-learning continues to grow at a time when educators and schools are increasingly being held more accountable for their work, budgets are shrinking, and a wide range of education reform efforts are being explored. Educators and policy makers alike are seeking effective educational policies and strategies for accomplishing both education and social reform, and are evaluating how and to what degree service-learning can play a role. The Role of Service-Learning in Education Reformillustrates how community service-learning is one vehicle for achieving the goals of education and youth development, and concurrently, how it is highly consistent with the goals of systemic education reform. ISBN 0-536-01028-8

Service-Learning Reader: Reflections and Perspectives on Service    Buy Now! 
edited by Gail Albert and the Staff of the Center for Service-Learning at the University of Vermont

An interdisciplinary anthology for students, interns, and volunteers. Includes chapters on orientation skills and getting started; interaction, reflection, and dialogue; roots of service; community; ethics, decision-making, and social justice; and global awareness. Featured authors include Paulo Freire, Tim Stanton, Nel Noddings, Robert Coles, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ram Dass, Alexis de Tocqueville, Deepak Chopra, Jesse Jackson, and Robert Bellah. Can be used in classrooms or as a training resource. 375 pp., ISBN 0-536-01242-3


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