Innovators’ Panel:

This year, NSEE is planning an exciting new all-conference session. The Innovators’ Panel is comprised of three leaders in the field who are actively engaging students in innovative ways on their campuses. We invite you all to attend this special session where award-winning experiential learning practitioners will share more about their programs in hopes of inspiring us all to innovate our own courses and programs to benefit our students. Each of our esteemed panelists will give a TED Talk-style presentation about their innovative work in experiential education. As they present, the audience will be invited to engage in the panel through a live question and commenting system. You can use your phone to send your reactions via text message, and they will appear on a screen in the presentation hall. This live back-channel discussion will allow the audience to be an active participant in the panel. After all panelists have presented, we will have time for discussion among panelists and audience members, which will be facilitated and prioritized based upon the live back-channel discussion. In this way, the Innovators’ Panel will feature active learning, experiential pedagogies, and innovation in both content and form! 

Bring your phone (or other device) with you to this panel. Don’t miss it!

The speakers for the Innovators’ Panel are:


   Jeffrey S. Coker
   Dean of the College, VPAA, and Professor of Biology
   Westminster College


Biography:  Jeffrey Scott Coker is Dean of the College, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Professor of Biology at Westminster College (PA).  Coker received the 2016 “Outstanding Leader in Experiential Education: Higher Education” Award from the NSEE for his research, practice, and consulting related to experiential learning and high-impact educational practices.  Examples of recent scholarship on experiential learning can be found in Change Magazine (47: 66-72), the Journal of Experiential Education (40: 5-23), and the Journal of General Education (65: 138-156).  He previously served as director of the Elon Core Curriculum at Elon University in North Carolina.  


   Todd Petersen
   Director of Project-Based Learning and Professor of English
   Southern Utah University


Biography:  Todd Petersen is a Professor of English and the Director of southern Utah University's project-based learning program.  Petersen's PhD is in English with an emphasis in Fictional Rhetoric and Critical Theory.  While pursuing his PhD in Stillwater, OK, he taught composition, held a post as one of five Assistant Composition Directors, and was the Managing and Production Editor of the Cimmeron Review.  Todd Robert Petersen has published two books of fiction and a number of short stories, essays, and poems.  His recent academic work focuses on film and television. 

   Kimberly Pause Tucker
   Director, Center for Environmental Stewardship &
   Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
   Stevenson University

Biography: Kimberly Pause Tucker, Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Environmental Stewardship and an Associate Professor of Biological Science at Stevenson University just outside of Baltimore, Maryland.  She teaches courses in the Biology and Environmental Science programs at SU ranging from Introductory Biology to Evolution and Phylogenetics.  She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Florida and completed her postdoctoral research at the University of South Florida College of Marine Science.  She is passionate about Service-Learning and experiential education, and was named the National Society for Experiential Education’s 2016 Rising Leader in Experiential Education award in 2016.   

Moderators are: 


   Jennifer Dobbs-Oates
   Clinical Associate Professor
   Purdue University 




   George Pacheco Jr.
   Director of Experiential Learning
   West Texas A&M University