National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a nonprofit membership organization composed of educators, businesses, and community leaders. Founded in 1971, NSEE also serves as a national resource center for the development and improvement of experiential education programs nationwide.

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May 8-9, 2017
Nova Southeastern University
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June 26, 2017
Southern Utah University
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46th NSEE Annual Conference
September 25 - 27, 2017
The Don Cesar
St. Pete Beach, Florida



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Graduates of the Experiential Education Academy (EEA)



Rebecca Abraham - Lorain County Community College
Amy Anderson - West Texas A&M University
Lauren Andresen - Southern New Hampshire University
David Astorino - Lorain County Community College
Lawrence Atkinson - Lorain County Community College
Andrea Bard - Southern New Hampshire University
Odie Blackmon - Middle Tennessee State University
Christine Blais - Southern New Hampshire University
Doug Blais - Southern New Hampshire University
Jon Boroshok - Southern New Hampshire University
John Branin - Southern Utah University
Pam Branin - Southern Utah University
Kelly Bringhurst - Dixie State University
Patrick Clarke - Southern Utah University
Vicki Connell - Southern New Hampshire University
Joseph Corbin - Southern New Hampshire University
Erin Corwin - Lorain County Community College
Joanne Darbee - Cochise College
Aimee Dickinson - Lorain County Community College
Tracy Dow - Southern New Hampshire University
Kathy Durham - Lorain County Community College
Michelle Foust - Lorain County Community College
Rory Goggins - Murray State University
Michele Goldsmith - Southern New Hampshire University
David Harden - Hanover College
Aldena Harris - Lorain County Community College
Liz Henley - Southern New Hampshire University
Doug Herndon - Lorain County Community College
Karin Hooks - Lorain County Community College
David Humphreys - Southern New Hampshire University

Vernice Jackson - Lorain County Community College
Dell Ann Janney - Culver-Stockton College
Dorothy Johnson - Lorain County Community College
Marcia Jones - Lorain County Community College
Brett Joseph - Lorain County Community College
Jennifer Kukis - Lorain County Community College
Paul Kwant - Ferris State University College of  Business
William Lamb - Lee University
Rita Mac Auslan - Southern New Hampshire University
Patricia Mack - Lorain County Community College
Brandi Mandzak - John Carroll University
Lowell Matthews - Southern New Hampshire University
Patricia McCaslin - Lorain County Community College
Cathy McConnell - The College of Wooster
Kimberly Monk - Southern New Hampshire University
Earl Mulderink - Southern Utah University
Leilani Nautu - Southern Utah University
Kwaku Obosu-Mensah - Lorain County Community College
Deanna Parkton - Delaware Valley University
Ana Parrilla - Lorain County Community College
Thomas Paulchell - Lorain County Community College
Karen Petersen - Augustana College
Todd Petersen - Southern Utah University
Jon Posner - Southern New Hampshire University
Michelle Reeves - Texas Woman's University
Kathleen Resar - Lorain County Community College
Burt Reynolds - Southern New Hampshire University

Dennis Ryan - Lorain County Community College
Cheryl Shultz - Lorain County Community College
Staci Stone - Murray State University
Linda Sulkowski - Lorain County Community College
Vicky Swank - Heritage University

Meg Walbaum - Rochester Institute of Technology
Teri Triguba Williams - Nova Southeastern University
Jewon Woo - Lorain County Community College
Adia Zeman - College of St. Benedict/St. John's University



Laura Hammond - College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University
Jared Peatman - Lincoln Leadership Institute
Tracy Van Oss - Quinnipiac University
Allisa Johnson - Rollins College
Marah Jacobson-Schulte - The Sage Colleges

Ryan Ozar - The College of Wooster
Jayetta Slawson - Southeastern Louisiana University
Whiteside - The University of Tampa*
Joy Harris - The University of Tampa*
Cheri Etling - The University of Tampa*
Christine Mahoney - University of Colorado Boulder




  Eric Freundt - The University of Tampa*
  Carol Swayze - Middle Tennessee State University
  Janet McCormick, Middle Tennessee State University
  Michelle Buggs - Texas Woman's University*

  Karen Dunlap - Texas Woman's University*
  Claudette Fette - Texas Woman's University*
  Becky Frederickson - Texas Woman's University*
  Heather Haynes-Smith - Texas Woman's University*
  Parker Hevron - Texas Woman's University*
  Gladys Keeton - Texas Woman's University*
  Kurt Krause - Texas Woman's University*
  Sandra McClintic - Texas Woman's University*
  Kimberly S. Miloch - Texas Woman's University*
  Carol Perryman - Texas Woman's University*
  Lisa Rosen - Texas Woman's University*
  David Rylander - Texas Woman's University*
  Anne Selcer - Texas Woman's University*
  Teresa Starrett - Texas Woman's University*
  Elaine Wilson - Texas Woman's University*
  Corinne Nicholson - St. Andrews University
  Tracey Dowling, Florida State University 
  Jim Allen, Florida State University
  Myrna Hoover, Florida State University
  Erin Keenan, Florida State University
  Victor Martinez, Florida State University
  Rob Morris, Florida State University
  Charles Ricker, Florida State University
  Kelvin Rutledge, Florida State University
  Austin Townsend, Florida State University
  Megan Waldeck, Florida State University
  Katie Williams, Florida State University
  Kawana Williams, Florida State University
  Kenan A. Fishburne, Florida State University
  Steven Mills, Florida State University
  Katie Croft, New College Institute
  Tiffany Menard, University of West Florida

  Erin Mullen, University of South Carolina Career Center
  Corinne Nicholson, St. Andrews Presbyterian College



Past EEA Graduates (2013 - 2006)

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